Published Books


Here is a list of my currently published books. At the end are cover images of current book projects.

Forever Until We Meet

E-book Edition
ISBN – 9780-38586-0-7

A woman faces a lonely life in a small town after her daughter leaves home and decides to spice up her life by letting loose in a computer chat room.

An innocent to computers and messaging, she falls prey to a career “knight” of the computer realm.

Feel her love, pain, and disappointment as she meets this man and discovers what so many others have already known, that for this man, love is only skin deep.

Follow her tormented path from small mountain town to sandy beaches as she finds out that to love someone you must first find that love inside yourself and then it’s only a short sprint to forever.

Sigh, laugh, and cry with her as she makes peace with her past and puts it behind her … forever.


Not Without Anna
ISBN – 978-15932605-1-3